Mickro Surgery

Mickro Surgery  

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Question: What is Mickro Surgery


Answer: This is a system in which We donít Perform any Surgery, but We get Surgery result. In Mickro Surgery we use Electricity (Current) which is flowing in your body to perform surgery. By canalizing your body current which is of few milivolts We get result as surgery.


Question: How it is Performed?


Answer: In most of the cases we donít perform any physical surgery. Just we canalize your inbuilt body current to diseased organ/part.


Question: Is it safe?


Answer: As We knows very low voltage current in flowing in our body. In most of the cases we donít use any external current, So it is 100% safe. In very few and complexed cases we use external current which is of very few milivolts and few micro amperage and is not able to stimulate our cerebro-spinal nervous system. So infused current directly goes to the organ/part concerned and gives result.


Question: Is their any after effects?


Answer: Absolutely No.


Question: How much time it takes?


Answer: It takes hardly 5 to 10minuits,but normally it gives result after few sessions.


Question: How it is effective?


Answer: In most of the cases it is effective and safe.


Question: is it costly?


Answer: Not at all, right now it is available free of cost. Only some administrative charges are applied.


Question: When patient discharges after Mickro Surgery?


Answer: No need to admission, it takes only few minuets. No Physical surgery is performed, No medicine, No external machine is used.


Question: What type of disease it can address?


Answer: Mickro Surgery can address any type of stone, metabolic by product deposition, glands, tumors, polyps, fibroids any obstruction of any part, but Mickro Therapy is capable of addressing almost every ailment chronic and acute even para-physical.


Question: How can we get advantage of Mickro Surgery?


Answer: 1-You can enroll your name in any Mickro Surgery camp (for camps see Notice Board)


             2-You can contact any Mickro Healer in your area.


             3-In absence of both option, Please enroll your name, we shall try to organize camp in your area.


Question: Where I can get this facility in my city?


Answer: This is a new system, so it takes time to go in to your city. If you are interested take lead and organize a camp at your city. Our expert will go their and will train some local people after attending patients.


Question: How Mickro Surgeons are being prepared?


Answer: We impart training to all. Any one can get training but we want to clarify that we donít prepare Mickro Surgeons.


Question: Patient can perform Mickro Surgery,is it true?


Answer: Yes, any patient can perform after getting initial training. Training is available to all. To get trained register your name today.